We have integrated a group of Web Site Accelerators into your Website Control Panel so you’re able to conveniently optimize the overall operation of your websites. You won’t need to alter anything inside the code or generate special configurations that demand specialized comprehension from you. In the Website Control Panel, simply select the application you wish to apply – Varnish, Memcached and Node.js and set up an instance for it. It’s all carried out with a mouse click. By quickening your web sites, you’ll not just stop your visitors from needing to hold but can even help your web site get better positions in search engine listings.

You can find the Web Site Accelerators in the Advanced Applications area of the Website Control Panel.


RAM–caching as an alternative to database requests

If you have a lively database–powered web site or web app, it could have problems loading rapidly for the site visitors because of the numerous calls sent to the database. To help you fix the page running issue, we have bundled the Memcached tool into the Website Control Panel.

Memcached is a powerful distributed memory object caching platform, which saves information and objects in the server’s RAM to stop the database from being queried whenever a customer opens a selected webpage. By doing this, your website pages will load a lot faster for customers and definately will increase the chance for them to return.

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RAM–caching rather than HTTP calls

If you’ve got content–intense active websites with loads of pictures as well as video clips, you will unquestionably need to be sure that your web pages run fast for the site visitors. A great tool you can employ is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that can help you increase the speed of your web sites without requesting you to have any particular technical knowledge.

Varnish stores all calls to the web server within the server’s RAM and ships the pages rapidly to the customer by avoiding brand–new calls towards the server. This way, all pages on your web site are going to be streamed 300 – 1000x times faster for your visitors. Also, you can pick whether the incoming calls will be dealt with by Varnish, or by the web server, and so forth.

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Create adaptable web apps comfortably

Node.js offers an up–to–date programming platform for forming scalable applications and web sites in record time. It could be employed for almost everything – from dealing with API queries, streaming information as well as parsing e–mails to converting photographs, audio files, clips and office documents.

It’s using the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it compact and productive. Moreover, Node.js has a sizeable assistance community that makes steady updates to the program and is also at all times happy to help.

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